Standard package

The standard package is for anyone who wants to have a complete communications solution for their complex. Apart from the website, residents will also be able to login to their portal to access functionality specific to them.

Portal Information

An administrator will be in full control of the logo, background and accent colour. They can also capture information about the complex and use the auto-complete function to capture the address.


Contact information can be added to the portal. Contacts can be classified to indicate what type of contact it is, for example: emergency services, a managing agent or an approved service provider. The contact can also be made public – which will then appear on the portal landing page.


Facilities such as a clubhouse or gym is important for potential tenants or buyers. Having this information available is informative and relevant to anyone looking for more information about the complex.


You can upload documents and make them available on the portal. Documents such as rules and regulations or application forms can easily be shared through the portal.

Log and Track Requests

Residents can log requests, anything from a request for maintenance or a complaint. Administrators will be notified and can update the request as it progresses. The resident and administrator can view a complete log of the request.


Communication is a major feature of resident portal. Whenever you upload a document or create an event, an automated notification will be sent to residents. You will also be able to create specific notifications for either tenants, owners, trustees/directors or managing agents. Additionally, these notifications can be set to expire automatically. One of the other great features is the ability to track whether the notification was delivered and viewed or not viewed at all.


Whether arranging a monthly trustee meeting or a social for all residents at the clubhouse, adding events could not be easier. You can also decide whether or not you would like to send notifications for the event or not.

Access controlled documents

Whether you would like to publish the rules and regulations to all residents or keep track of monthly meeting minutes for trustees/directors, resident portal makes it super easy. Want to make the documents publicly available, that’s one checkbox away.

Online Facility Booking

Resident Portal allows you to configure facilities to be available for booking. Residents don’t have to go back and forth to check availability anymore. You can also configure bookings to require approval or be approved automatically.

Admin Dashboard

With managing agents looking after multiple complexes, the admin dashboard makes it easy to see what requires attention. An easy view of all your complexes with outstanding request, pending registrations and pending booking requests. One page to rule them all.

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